The use information for homepage

About recommended environment of the use

We recommend the following environment to use Meitetsu Department Store Web site.
When you see any place other than the recommended environment, please note that we are not displayed definitely, and a part of the function may not work definitely.

Recommended browser with PC

More than Internet Explorer9
Microsoft Edge latest stable version
Mozilla Firefox latest stable version
Google Chrome latest stable version
Safari latest stable version

Recommended browser with smartphone

The standard deployment browser after Android 4.4
The standard deployment browser after iOS 8

Technique to use

  • For indication of Web site, we use JavaScript. You validate setting of JavaScript, and please use.
  • For indication of Web site, we use information of Cookie. You validate setting of Cookie, and please use.
  • We use Adobe Reader on some pages. You install, and, in the case of use, please use.

About link setting to Meitetsu Department Store homepage

  • About link setting to Meitetsu Department Store homepage, please contact us by all means.
  • As a general rule, link setting is in text rink, please. When link setting using our logo and specific button is hoped for, please get our consent beforehand by all means.
  • When we link to Meitetsu Department Store homepage and are set, as a general rule, please set in top page ( Furthermore, please specify page title (in the case of top page "Meitetsu Department Store homepage") of linked page.
  • Contents change individual page of Meitetsu Department Store homepage without notice, and please note that you may delete.
  • In the case of website where the following contents are included in, link setting to Meitetsu Department Store homepage is not accepted.

    • Contents which slander us and our business or products, service, and slander, and interfere, and hurt their trust and right. It violates various laws and ordinances including law, regulations, rule. It is participation or information to participate for act against public order and morals, social ethics.
    • When our homepage is developed with link using frame, and it is unidentified or uncertain to be our contents.
    • When we use our logo and mark of each brand without permission.
  • When you offer request of link deletion from us, please cancel link setting immediately.
  • We link without notice and cancel or we may be deleted. We do not take any responsibility about the damage to produce with cancellation and deletion.

About security

When we have you input information of customer on Meitetsu Department Store homepage, we try for protection of personal information using code technique called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) of industry-wide standard. About policy about personal information protection, please see privacy policy.

About copyright

As a general rule, copyright of all contents on Meitetsu Department Store homepage belongs to us. I decline conversion, publication of information, image of publication without permission without permission firmly.


We publish, but information is not thing that we guarantee integrity, accuracy, safety (computer virus, system error) of listed information entirely with extreme caution. Meitetsu Department Store does not take responsibility for all for loss that occurred indirectly directly by not being available by using information included in Meitetsu Department Store homepage or contents or. In addition, we stop change, deletion or operation of homepage, and we may cancel information on homepage without notice. Any loss by change, deletion of publication information or operational interruption, cancellation of homepage shall not take responsibility.

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