Exciting salon February event Meitetsu Department Store

Exciting salon February event

Saturday, February 1, 2020 ... Saturday, February 29, 2020

[the main building] the eighth floor

Exciting salon

Meitetsu Department Store Exciting salon"Exciting salon" is salon proposing to expand the life including various conferences and experience-based event to be able to enjoy more.

You make a reservation, and refer

052-585-2813 <KINDware>
052-585-2615 <elegant plaza>

"We learn"

If is over life plan ... of one, and is good; all excellent; do; ...

We make a reservation and take first priority

■Saturday, February 8 ① from 13:00 to 14:00 ② from 15:00 to 16:00

Let's dissolve anxiety of the old age clearly.

●Entrance fee …Tax-included 3,300 yen
Offer: ARION

<Charis Seijyou> *nashiroku (cut, and register) course

We make a reservation required

■Saturday, February 15 ① 12:30 -② 15:00 ...

Incense bag that 12 kinds of incense including *ko was blended in *nashiroku. We offer well-established precious incense materials of Kyoto. We mix while learning characteristic of incense of one one and make "*nashiroku" praying for perfect state of health.

●Entrance fee (90 minutes)…Tax-included 3,300 yen
※Photograph is sample. Color, print may change.

Lecturer: <Charis Seijyou> Japan herb fashionable society upper grade instructor Takako Yamada

●Make a reservation; inquiry = 052-585-7677

"Health, beauty"

The making of colon which relieving fatigue effect can expect

We make a reservation and take first priority

■Sunday, February 2, 3rd Monday 11:00 ...
 ※It is finished as soon as materials disappear

Using essential oil (aroma oil) of direct import in France, does relieving fatigue effect not make colon which we can expect?

●Participation fee (belonging to herb tea for about 15 minutes)…Tax-included 1,650 yen

●Make a reservation; inquiry = 052-585-2611
            080-2649-5590 (Linden house Hashiguchi)

Good luck gel nail

We make a reservation and take first priority

■Sunday, February 16 from 13:00 to 18:00 (the last receptionist: at 17:00)

We diagnose your lucky color, and does it not shine with gel which is kind to nail from finger-tip?

●Participation fee (belonging to two one KOLOR + stones) …From tax-included 3,300 yen
※700 yen that includes nail off + tax of another store

Lecturer: JNEC Japan nail specialist official approval first grade acquisition Iwase sand Omi 

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