2020 Meitetsu Department Store yukata Collection

2020 Meitetsu Department Store yukata Collection

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 ... Tuesday, August 11, 2020

[the main building] the eighth floor

Kimono salon

Purchase privilege

Yukata dressing service

When we like yukata by purchase, during period until Tuesday, August 11, we dress once.

Meal ticket present for 2,000 yen

We purchase yukata of Arimatsu diaphragm and present meal ticket of Arimatsu "cafe & bal Shokuro".

10% special treatment

・By purchase of two pieces of yukatas including friend percent, couple percent, family percent, grandchild percent
・It is the use by meitetsu Muses card
 ※More normal special treatment discount. We save mu star point.
・It is the presentation with meeting member's card of Meitetsu Department Store friend
 ※Meeting special treatment of friend is usually 5 off.
・It is the presentation by student identification card

→10% special treatment.
※It is limited to yukata purchase.
※There is exclusion product partly.
※We cannot do combination with other special treatments, coupons.

Arimatsu diaphragm

"Arimatsu diaphragm" which is produced around Arimatsu, Narumi area of Midori-ku, Nagoya-shi, and is appointed in folkcraft of country.
Dough with unique irregularities is tender, and comfort is outstanding, too.
Luxurious yukata which gives off presence.

One piece that we finished in shading off, gentle atmosphere in pastel color in cream.

Ladies' yukata …Tax-included 74,800 yen
Hakata half width zone …Tax-included 36,300 yen
Basket bag …Tax-included 14,300 yen
Clogs …Tax-included 15,400 yen

Elegant purple yukata which rolled up, and used diaphragm together spider diaphragm.
Merge half width zone of Hakata fabrics of lawn.

Ladies' yukataTax-included 74,800 yen
Hakata half width zoneTax-included 36,300 yen

Ladies' yukata

From classic key to trendy thing, attractive yukata was prepared.

We express cattleya by watercolor-style touch on cloth of white background. One piece that purple gradation is beautiful from blue.

<the ancient and modern times>
Ladies' yukata …Tax-included 38,500 yen

<the flower ancient and modern times>
Half width zone …Tax-included 19,800 yen

<the ancient and modern times>
Basket bag …Tax-included 16,500 yen
Clogs …Tax-included 14,300 yen

Child yukata

It is more pretty in waste flowers which are red in light blue place, red waist band.

<the ancient and modern times teens>
Yukata …Tax-included 9,680 yen
Waist band …Tax-included 9,680 yen
Clogs …Tax-included 5,280 yen

Others, [the main building] the fourth floor mei kids ★We introduce even land.

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