<Kawakamiya> Kurikinton special sale

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 ... Thursday, December 31, 2020

[the main building] the first floor under the ground on the first floor [Men's Building] under the ground

The penetration road special venue event space others

■[the main building] The penetration way special venue under the ground on the first floor
■Men's Building Event space under the ground on the first floor

We took out the contents after steaming chestnut and we added sugar while leaving some grains and cooked carefully and just squeezed in food formed by wrapping and twisting of the tea cloth into a bag shape. Taste that is full of natural *oshoku, flavor will be to let you feel rustic homesickness.

Nakatsugawa <Kawakamiya>
Kurikinton (six)…Tax-included 1,653 yen
※Photograph is image.


You can purchase even Meitetsu Department Store online shopping.
The purchase is this

※Acceptance in online shopping until Tuesday, December 22 23:59.
※Delivery in online shopping until Saturday, December 26.


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