Meitetsu Muses card point up special special treatment

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 ... Sunday, September 27, 2020

[in all facilities]

Even cash payment is credit, but, by the meitetsu Muses card use, discount further presents mu star point 5 times to mu star point 9 times present (※ event space, food, restaurant is exclusion) food, restaurant (there is not ※ discount)

※There are brand, product excluding partly including sale product. Ask person in charge in detail.
※When it is paid in mu star point, there is not grant of point.
※9 times, 5 times point is given basic point every month on around 10th in the next month of tightening on 15th on the next day of the use day or the day after next.
※The number of the point grants is counted every 1 detail of receipt.


The enrollment of meitetsu Muses card is this

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