<Whiz you> autumn recycling mini-bazaar

Thursday, September 17, 2020 ... Tuesday, September 22, 2020

[the main building] the eighth floor

Exciting salon

●Inquiry = 052-585-7692

We sell ladies' clothes, popularity brand-name products, jewelry for autumn. In addition, we perform trust acceptance until Tuesday, September 22.

The fair mentioned above recruits consignment to sell from Thursday, September 10.

[about consignment offer]
Offer period
From Thursday, September 10 to 22nd Tuesday time in: From 10:00 to 17:00
Reception desk place
[the main building] The eighth-floor recycling boutique <Whiz you>
Trust charges
Tax-included 220 yen popularity brand and jewelry: Tax-included 110 yen
Trust score
Per person to 20 points (there is no limit in popular brand and jewelry)
The handling product
Ladies' clothes, ladies' shoes (unused article), bag of autumn, ladies' and men's accessory, noble metal accessories (Pierced Earrings exclusion)
Sales price
Tax-included 3,300 yen or more
Refund rate
55% of body price
[about sale]
Sale period
From Thursday, September 17 to 22nd Tuesday
Sale place
[the main building] The eighth-floor Exciting salon and recycling boutique <Whiz you>
[about adjustment period]
Adjustment period
Please see custody book.
Adjustment place
[the main building] The eighth-floor recycling boutique <Whiz you>
※Brand Doug, quality indication, clothing without contact information of origin of manufacturer, import are not accepted.
※Accessories said tax-included 55,000 yen or more are appraisals, or juvenile hall is necessary.
※Please note that there may be some wounds, dirts in the case of sale.


When it is higher than three points of popular brand jewelry, we present "trust charges for free ticket".
※For more details, ask person in charge.

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