330 yen campaign including the main shop cosmetics sales floor-limited Muses card telephone order postage tax

Friday, June 26, 2020 ... Friday, July 31, 2020

[the main building] the second-floor cosmetics
[the main building] the first floor <MAC>
[the main building] the fourth floor <MARY QUANT> <Charis Seijyou>
[the main building] the seventh floor <Hikari mirai intricate design flower> applies, too

Period-limited advantageous news!
We will deliver cosmetics which had acceptance
by telephone order for tax-included 330 yen!

Please call to brand of the cosmetics section casually.
We will send by delivery to home.

Payment method is limited to meitetsu Muses card credit payment (withdrawal).
We cannot do payment by use of cash and mu star point.

※The destination of product in case of the meitetsu Muses card use is limited to address of registration to meitetsu Muses card.
※It takes product price plus delivery charges. (330 yen including tax delivery charges for a limited time) 
※We cannot have acceptance of product of plural shops in a mass.
※Under the influence of new coronavirus, there may be brand closed partly.
※Products may be out of stock.
※Cosmetics except the above are excluded. For more details, ask person in charge.


(1) When you have meitetsu Muses card, please connect with each shop after preparations at hand beforehand.
(2) When it is "meitetsu Muses card member", tell person in charge of the line about "product which you wish to purchase".
(3) According to instructions of person in charge, tell about information necessary for the settlement by meitetsu Muses card or shipping address.


◆Contact information of each Meitetsu Department Store cosmetics shop is this place

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