Midsummer gift of Meitetsu Department Store
Wednesday, June 3, 2020 ... Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Present of Meitetsu Department Store linking heart.

We prepared thing that Japan which we brought up had good rich climate, tradition and hand wazaga.
We are just looking and are excited, and heart is bound together for pleasure to choose and given joy.
We will send feeling to yearn to that important person together.

Application on the Internet

■Until Wednesday, June 3 12:00 - Saturday, August 1 23:59
※We accept shipment after July begins.
※There is thing which is quick in end of the acceptance day in some products.
※We accept even auspicious decoration for gifts except midsummer gift. But there is product which we cannot accept including product direct from the field.
※We charge the postage. (WEB free shipping product is excluded.)
※Please order by reply to "order confirmation email" to send after the order to expand when you want the name case.

Midsummer gift online shopping is this

Smartphone is this

About inquiry
※Inquiry about acceptance to make a reservation on the Internet: 0120-585-399
[establishment period] From Wednesday, June 3 to Tuesday, August 4 from 10:00 to 12:00/from 13:00 to 18:00
[E-mail] support@e-meitetsu.com

Application at store

main shop

■From Wednesday, June 3 to Tuesday, July 28 ■[the main building] the seventh-floor midsummer gift gift center
※Inquiry = 052-585-2832 ※We are closed at 18:00 on Tuesday, July 28.
■From Wednesday, July 29 to Tuesday, August 4 ■[the main building] gift salon on the eighth floor
※Inquiry = 052-585-2834

ichinomiya shop

From Wednesday, June 3 to Tuesday, August 4 ■[ichinomiya shop] the fifth-floor midsummer gift gift center
※Inquiry = 0586-46-8364


Application by mail or FAX

You fill out "present delivery application vote" enclosed in the gift catalogue, and, with "application for gift mail, FAX", please send by mail or FAX.
※After application contents and the payment confirmation (in the case of money sent by registered mail, become after the arrival of money sent by registered mail.) We send as 10th from, about one week.
※After application contents and the payment confirmation, "customer reserve" will mail receipts such as receipts.

■From Wednesday, June 3 to Tuesday, July 21 (limited to arrival at us. As for the mail, effective postmark on that day)
※Inquiry = 0120-758-825
[establishment period] From Wednesday, June 3 to Tuesday, July 21 from 10:00 to 18:00


We see the year-end present gift by digital catalogue


Request for midsummer gift catalogue is this

Please input the name, zip code, the destination address, phone number into application form.


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