Wednesday, September 16, 2020 ... Tuesday, September 22, 2020 18:00 [the main building] the seventh floor  Event space

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From 10:00 to 20:00


To customer of visit
●Please refrain from visit of customer in poor physical condition including fever.
●Please cooperate with wearing of mask.
●You keep moderate distance, and please line up.

 Gourmet Sweets Shochu Craft


Speaking of Kyushu, it is this! Familiar special dish gourmet!

Nagasaki <the Iwasaki main office>
Nagasaki Kakuni steamed bun (five)…Tax-included 2,160 yen

Special service product

We cut off Kakuni
(180 g) ★It is only for 100 bags of every day to two bags per person …Tax-included 594 yen

Fukuoka <Fukuya>
Mentaiko (100 g) of taste…Tax-included 1,080 yen

Special service product

Home Mentaiko of Fukuya
No coloration (moderately hot, hot)
(200 g) ★Every day for each 50 pack limit …Tax-included for each 1,480 yen

It is founded in 1894. We do slightly sweet mellow push Kotobuki.

Nagasaki <plum ka branch-so>
We work as Hisashi Omura
(one)…Tax-included 800 yen

 Gourmet Sweets Shochu Craft


Store specializing in melonpan that only Saturday and Sunday, celebration that was introduced on TV is open.

Fukuoka <store specializing in Itoshima melonpan kashietto>
Fruit melonpan of pineapple and kiwi
(one) ★It is only for 100 every day …Tax-included 648 yen

Hakata excellent cake. Moist refined white anno, Western-style steamed bun.

Fukuoka <moon at the fifteenth night of the eighth lunar month temple>
Hakata Street thing
(five) ★It is only for 300 every day …Tax-included 561 yen

 Gourmet Sweets Shochu Craft


48 real shochu set
(1.8 L of real shochu *48, "48 real shochu" premium set including shochu "Mt. forest Italy storehouse, demon king, Isami, three")
★It is 18 sets of limits, acceptance only for delivery to one set per person
…Tax-included 107,558 yen

※When we cannot confirm that it is age 20 years or older, we cannot sell alcoholic beverage.

 Gourmet Sweets Shochu Craft


Kagoshima <inherit Kita laboratory>
We tell and set brush
(pour three lines of brushes, camellia oil 27 g, brush cleaner)
★Five sets of limits
Tax-included 9,020 yen

Meitetsu Department Store LINE friend registration present

"Nana-chan"dollUnder recruitment of new members!

We present "cream puff (one) of" <Beard Papa's> by new registration by 18:00 on September 22 (celebration, fire)!

Friend addition from this!

※LINE application starts.

In addition, there are a large number of products including today's service product.
For more details, please see digital flyer.

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