Bridal fair
Wednesday, July 29, 2020 ... Tuesday, August 25, 2020 [in all facilities]

Wedding ring of elegant impression featuring smooth wave line snuggling up to finger.

<4 degree Celsius bridal>
Natural Grace
①Marriage ring ladies'
 (Pt950, diamond)…Tax-included 103,400 yen

②Marriage ring men
 (Pt950)…Tax-included 96,800 yen

③Engage ring
 (Pt950, diamond)…Tax-included 297,000 yen

■[the main building] The first-floor accessories


It is free upgrade to Haat and Cupid with mele diamond.

①"Pokemon" engage ring
 (Pt950, K18YG)…Tax-included 125,400 yen
  ※Horse charges.

②"Pokemon" marriage ring
  …Tax-included for each 92,400 yen

■[the main building] The first-floor accessories


We purchase engage ring marriage ring at the same time and present "master ball accessories case" (article not for sale).
※Number includes limit.
※There is product excluding partly.

Voice message gives a service by check

We take photograph with voice message by "sound check" by contract and do bridal Rings.
We make message to today's feelings and partners QR cord and attach with photograph.

■[the main building] The first-floor accessories

"Meitetsu Department Store bridal" is this

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