We return 10% of d points by the d payment use
Friday, June 26, 2020 ... Sunday, July 5, 2020 [in all facilities]

By the Meitetsu Department Store d payment use
10% of d point reduction!

<target sales floor>

main shop [the main building, Men's Building] each floor

○The outside that is targeted for special treatment

[the main building] the first floor <QB house> under the ground
[the main building] the first floor     <Starbucks coffee> <quite common homes>
[the main building] the seventh floor     Event space ※Except midsummer gift gift center <Nitori>
[the main building] the tenth floor     Meeting of Meitetsu Department Store friend, meitetsu hall ticket center <Meitetsu Department Store Seto clinic> <SHISEIDO beauty salon> <Meitetsu Department Store trip salon>
[Men's Building] the first floor <sokitsuninaininaimen> under the ground <Harbs> <bowl bowl bower PREMIUM>
[Men's Building] the first floor <Aiko's store> <nano・universe> <May cafe> <Menicon mill plus> <Cincinnati Bengals building>
[Men's Building] south the second floor of the hall <myuzepurachinamu> <grand design> <dispensing pharmacy Amano> <benevolence medical office> <Melsa Iida dentistry>
[Men's Building] the fifth floor <LOFT> <natural kitchen and> <Kojitusanso>
[Men's Building] the sixth floor <MUJI> <cafe & mirumuji> <ABC cooking studio> <Shinseido> <insurance compasses>

※"d payment" is not available in outside sales floor targeted for special treatment.

※With other settlement means including meeting shopping card of cash, gift certificate, credit card, friend cannot use together.

※The campaign details from this to docomo HP

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