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Small Ieno male period and modern art feature

Old Ieno male period "red Fuji figure"
10 size Japanese painting

Old Ieno male period "sexagenary cycle set"
Each 4 size Japanese painting

Yayoi Kusama "flower basket"
21.9*27.2cm screen print 1993

Tamako Kataoka print feature

"Fuji that we enjoy, and there is much"
55.5*69.0cm lithograph

Toshio Tabuchi feature

"The time filled with greenery"
15 size Japanese painting

European antique special feature

Is rocky; "Marquette Lee Asuka, yohanabunhanabin" French diameter 7.2 X high 20.8cm
The amount of K.P.M "ravinia having fruit plate" Sue board German 57.0*63.0cm size

Dome "gold Aya wind in the early summer view sentence small bottle" French diameter 6.6 X high 8.5cm
Is rocky; "oakayohanabunhanabin" French diameter 14.4 X high 20.9cm
Dome "sailing boat scenery sentence choice water jar for the tea ceremony" French diameter 20.5 X high 10.5cm

Great master, popular ceramist feature

Mineo Okabe "Shino bowl"
Diameter 12.5 X high 8cm cobox

Toyozo Arakawa "Shino tea "
Diameter 14.0 X high 9.5cm cobox

Kazuo Yagi "flower sentence small bottle"
Diameter 9.0 X high 29.8cm cobox, the complete works publication

Yuki Hayama "gold Aya green Chinese phoenix arabesque sentence twin ear incense lamp"
Diameter 13.0 X high 14cm cobox

Ukiyoe print print and Taisho era, new publication image feature of the Showa era

Hiroshi Yoshida "Kisogawa"
1927 (Showa 2) 38.0*25.0cm

Hanging scroll uniform sale

Tax-included 30,000 yen equality
Kiyokazu Nakajima "landscape"
Shaku five width using paper lengthwise book

Tax-included 50,000 yen equality
Hazuki Fujita "Botan"

Tax-included 100,000 yen equality
hoden*etsu "cherry blossom Fuji"
Shakuhachi width side silk book 

Bazaar corner

Bernard Buffet "triumphal arch" (album Paris)
50.0*65.0cm lithograph
1,000,000 yen

In addition, we have various works.
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