Bridal fair
Wednesday, February 5, 2020 ... Tuesday, February 25, 2020 [the main building] each floor

To two people whom marriage was decided on -.
We offered products, service only by Meitetsu Department Store.

Bridal jewelry

2020 ear model reflecting the image of glamourous ribbon.

<Vendome Aoyama>
Marriage ring

Ladies' (Pt, diamond)
From tax-included 132,000 yen

Men's (Pt)
From tax-included 104,500 yen

■[the main building] The first floor

During period, we present "original novelty" by contract in bridal Rings.

<mokumokukinoku> "share"; ceremony experience society

■Saturday, February 22, 23rd (celebration, day), 24th (shin, month)
■[the main building] The first-floor accessories

Of popularity Rings of "form to be connected" to share one Rings, and to complete <mokumokukinoku>.
Have share Rings of two that are in condition to be connected by hand of two; "share", and simulated experience may have by no ceremony.

●Capacity: Ten sets of every day

Inquiry = 052-585-7801  to make a reservation required

※It applies to customer thinking of marriage.
※Material is different from real Rings.
※We take Rings of errand home in experience and cannot have.

Wedding gift
With gift like consideration and two, tell thanks and appreciation to guest.

Semiformal gift which assorted popular baked confectioneries whether it was full of variety.

<Patisserie Kihachi>
Assortment BOX S
…Tax-included 1,080 yen

Decoration cake for present tasting party

■From Wednesday, February 5 to 25th Tuesday

<Godiva> <Juchheim> can choose while trying popular decoration cakes for present such as <Patisserie Kihachi>.

■[the main building] Bridal salon on the eighth floor

hikidebutsujikomiryo service

■[the main building] Bridal salon on the eighth floor

hikidebutsujikomiryo of cooperating ceremonial hall and hotel becomes free in Meitetsu Department Store.
※Ask person in charge in detail.

■[the main building] Bridal salon on the eighth floor

"Meitetsu Department Store bridal" is this

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