Q1. When it is not Web member, can you not do shopping?

Please enroll in Web member on shopping. "Gift address book" which is convenient for gift is available to Web member. As it is not necessary to input the destination at every shopping again and can see the last purchase history, it is very convenient.

About Web member

Q2. What day does it take before delivery after ordering?

It may take around 10th before delivery from order. But shipment time varies according to the crop situation such as farm products.
As you vary according to products, in the case of dispatch, please refer.


Q3. Can you appoint delivery date of product which you purchased?

After 7th can specify designation of delivery date from order day. But shipment time varies according to the crop situation such as farm products. Therefore, on date you like, we may not send during period. In addition, there is the year-end and New Year product which we cannot send.
Midsummer gift, the year-end present gift item of shipment period designated.
Please refer for other hope in email or toll free number.


Q4. How should we receive "store handing over product?"

About store handing over product, please bring to appointed place of store on handing over day that had you appoint "acceptance vote to make a reservation" on printout from link listed in information for payment completion email. We exchange for products.

Q5. To confirm whether you were able to order?

Please confirm with "the purchase history" of my page for exclusive use of Web member. Order is done if displayed by the purchase history. Order contents, product state, the product arrangement situation can confirm.
When you do not know the way of use of my page, please refer to Meitetsu Department Store online shopping.

Web member my page


Q6. To change order contents, and to cancel?

We can cancel than "the purchase history" of my page for exclusive use of Web member until 24:00 of order day. Thereafter, please contact Meitetsu Department Store online shopping over telephone as soon as possible. In addition, it becomes cancellation automatically if we do not have payment at convenience store receive money in the case of choice within three days from order.

Web member my page


Q7. To check the shipment situation of order product?

Please confirm with "the purchase history" of my page for exclusive use of Web member.

Web member my page


Q8. We do not know the way of order.

Please see "order method" of the use guide.
Please contact Meitetsu Department Store online shopping for any unclear points over email or telephone.

Order method


Q9. What kind of payment method is there?

Other than following various credit cards, you can pay at convenience store (cash).

The meitetsu Muses card public

Meitetsu Muses card
The public

Meitetsu Muses card gold prestige

Meitetsu Muses card
Gold prestige

Regular customer meitetsu Muses card

Regular customer
Meitetsu Muses card





Japan Credit Bureau

Japan Credit Bureau

American Express

American Express



※There is credit card company which is not available by contract with credit company partly. Thank you for your understanding.

About the convenience store settlement

Q10. We have forgotten ID, password of Web member.

Person forgetting ID, password is this

ID, password search

Q11. Is there special treatment of meitetsu Muses card?

There is special treatment in online shopping like store. (meitetsu Muses card special special treatment is exclusion)
Please confirm in the use details from credit card company about the amount of special treatment.
10% special treatment of mark of midsummer gift year-end present catalogue applies, too.

Q12. What kind of use can you send by?

  • When delivery is hoped for by use that choice at the time of order does not have, please order by reply to automatic delivery email after order.
    We may not meet requirements by products. Thank you for your understanding.
  • It is common that marriage family celebration, childbirth present do the name case.
    In addition, hope consultation of the posthumous Buddhist name and name case in case of Buddhist memorial service feels free to contact, too, and please be used.

Q13. Can you send in combination products?

It is possible, but, in the case of delivery, delivery dates may be different with plural products in one place.
When we deliver plural products to the equivalence destination by one order, about the postage, we will send for the postage for one point.
But there is product not to be able to make cool delivery service and detergent, product direct from the field, doso including New Year's dishes into. In that case, we charge the postage in each.
※It is limited to order of equivalence shipment period.
※In the case of delivery, we send product varying in the postage published in midsummer gift, the year-end present catalogue for the highest postage for one point.

Q14. Is excellent case done?

As we put the name, and there is input column, please input as needed.

Q15. Can you send abroad?

I'm sorry, but please note that you accept and cannot do it.

Q16. Can you receive product which you purchased at store?

You can receive "only store handing over product" at store.

Q17. The former purchase history is not seen. Address book has disappeared.

We can have you log in to online shopping with two ways of "WEB member" or "mu star member".
Even if the purchase history, gift address book as mu star member logs in as WEB member, you cannot see.
Even if the purchase history as WEB member logs in as mu star member by linking, and working, you can see.

Q18. What is link of "WEB member" and "mu star member?"

It is to link the purchase history and gift address book of "WEB member" with "mu star member".
Mu star member can make the former purchase history and gift address book in WEB members into even my page so that you can see.
I would like link work from "link with Web member" of my page menu mu star member.
※Web member is my page, and you cannot see the purchase history as mu star member even if we link.

Q19. What is difference of "WEB member" and "mu star member?"

"WEB member" can enroll even in whom in membership system to have all customers that online shopping of Meitetsu Department Store is used enroll.
We send information for entertainment of department store, recommended online shopping information to customer wanting e-mail magazine as privilege approximately every week.

"Mu star member" is membership system that customer having customer having meitetsu Muses card, target naming manaka can enroll in.
You can use mu star point that you saved as privilege at the time of shopping in Meitetsu Department Store online shopping from 1.1 yen unit.

"WEB member" and "mu star member" can link.
When you buy the purchase history and gift address book as "WEB member" as "mu star member", you can use *.
But you cannot see the purchase history and gift address book as "mu star member" when we log in as "WEB member".

We would like inquiry about "mu star member" to 8:00-19:00 (Saturday and Sunday, celebration 8:00-18:00) for meitetsu customer center 052-582-5151 from Monday to Friday.

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