Order method

Flow of order in Meitetsu Department Store online shopping is as follows.

Flow of order
To ordered for the first time
You can use the destination input this time at the time of order after the next time.
Before order, please enroll in Meitetsu Department Store Web member.

Product choice

Product choice
  • We enter page of shopping and click product which we want to purchase.
  • As the details of products are displayed, we click "(we put in the shopping bag) advancing in order procedure" button.
  • There is need to have you log in "to put product which we chose in the shopping bag". (only as for the first time)


  • Web member, please input Web subscriber ID and password.
  • Person enrolling in Web member newly, please enroll in Web member from button to "new Web sign-in screen". Membership fee is free.
  • In the case of the use, please input mu star subscriber ID and password into "Myμstar, login screen" from button at mu star point.

We continue shopping and cancel product choice

Continue shopping; cancellation of product choice
  1. When you are bought successively, product number is input from the upper part, or please choose products sequentially than left-sided product category.
  2. When you cancel order for product entering shopping bag, please click deletion button.

Choice, confirmation of the destination

Choice, confirmation of the destination
  1. As "new registration ahead" is displayed, "the destination name" that was registered with address book "home" when product which we were able to put in the shopping bag pushes "please choose ▼ destination" of [the destination], please choose the destination for each products.
  2. When you send to the new destination, you push and choose "new registration", and please click "registration, editing of the destination" button.
  3. "We expand, and we choose "delivery designated date", and, for each products, use", please identify the contents of shopping bag "packing" "amount". Please click button which "establishes order, and advances to the settlement" without mistake in contents.
About the postage
  • When we deliver plural products to the equivalence destination by one order, we will send for the postage for one point.
    But there is product not to be able to make cool delivery service and detergent, product direct from the field, doso including New Year's dishes into. In that case, we charge the postage in each.
    ※It is limited to order of equivalence shipment period.
    ※In the case of delivery, we send product varying in the postage published in midsummer gift, the year-end present catalogue for the highest postage for one point.
About delivery
  • In the case of delivery, delivery dates may be different with plural products in one place. (we may not send at the same time.)
  • When there is not designation of delivery date, we send as soon as we can arrange.
  • Delivery date can be specified from after 7th of order day, but delivery may take 10 days or more depending on products.
    ※Because shipment day fluctuates by the crop situation including farm products, we may not meet request.
  • Delivery of products is limited to Japan. (depending on products, there is area that we cannot send partly including remote island.)
Hang gift wrapping paper/; about paper
  • Of use appoint; and please input as needed as pay gift wrapping paper the name for the name case in the case of hope, and there is input column. (we may not meet requirements depending on product including article direct from the field)

Payment method

Payment method
  • You have you choose payment method, and please click button "faster to the next screen".
  • When plastic credit (meitetsu Muses card, others) is chosen
    You input card number, card expiration date, and please click button to "the last confirmation screen".
    Plastic credit
    ※Meitetsu Muses card in the case of the use,
    Point discount is applied like store.
  • When convenience store (cash) payment is chosen
    You choose convenience store to use by "choice of payment convenience store", and please click button to "the last confirmation screen".
    Convenience store (cash) payment


  • You confirm, and please click "we order by the contents mentioned above" so far as list of information that we registered is displayed if OK.
    When there is correction, you click "Back" button, and please revise.
    ※Please do not use returning button of browser.

The end of the order

  • "Order confirmation email" is sent to customer. Please confirm.
    ※Detailed information can confirm even the purchase history of "Meitetsu Department Store Web member my page".
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