To the first person

As for the Meitetsu Department Store online shopping, what kind of place is convenient?

24 hours OK!

We have you choose article anytime at time you like for 24 hours, and home can order even time which there is not.

Always usable "gift address book!"

The destination that we registered is stored in gift address book for exclusive use of customer once.
As we can choose the destination that we registered at the time of the purchase, we can omit trouble of input. Of course it is usable to midsummer gift and the year-end present.

The "purchase history" reference function!

We can refer to your purchase history which we purchased in online shopping until now.
When give midsummer gift and the year-end present, "what did give how much last year?" He/she dissolves such a trouble.

The points collect and are usable!

The mu star points collect like shopping at store, and even online shopping is available from 1.1 yen unit.

Advantageous special treatment

Product with special treatment has special treatment in online shopping at store if we use meitetsu Muses card. (special treatment is excluded especially)
When even Meitetsu Department Store online shopping purchases product of mark of midsummer gift, the year-end present catalogue by meitetsu Muses card, we become a target of 10% special treatment.

We cope with credit card and convenience store (cash) transfer!

We store credit card beforehand on my page for exclusive use of customer.
As we can choose card number that we registered at the time of the purchase, we can omit trouble of input.
In addition, in Seven-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, payment by cash is possible, too.

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