Instructions when it is bought in "Meitetsu Department Store online shopping."

About meitetsu Muses card

  • We become a target of special treatment, point like store when you use meitetsu Muses card.
    ※There are not the points for the mu star point use.
    About the amount of special treatment of meitetsu Muses card special treatment product, please confirm with use of credit card statement sent from credit card company.
  • 10% of products of mark published in midsummer gift, the year-end present catalogue become a target of special treatment.

About the receipt of money at convenience store

  • When the convenience store settlement is used, please pay the receipt of money to convenience store of designation in cash within three days including order day.
    In addition, it becomes cancellation automatically when deadline for receipt of money passes. In addition, products become shipment after the receipt of money.

About delivery of midsummer gift, the year-end present product

  • When we deliver plural products to the equivalence destination by one order, we will send for the postage for one point.
    Delivery dates may be different on this occasion. (we may not send at the same time.)
    ※It is limited to order of equivalence shipment period.
    ※We send for the postage of the most expensive product for one point.
  • Delivery charges follow store. For more details, please see delivery charges page.
  • Delivery date can be specified from after 7th of order day, but delivery may take 10 days or more depending on products.
    ※But we may not meet request because shipment day fluctuates by the crop situation including farm products.
    ※When there is not designation of delivery date, we send as soon as we can arrange.
    ※Midsummer gift, the year-end present gift item of shipment period designated.
  • Delivery of products is limited to Japan. (depending on products, there is area that we cannot send partly including remote island.)

Hang gift wrapping paper/; about paper

  • Of use appoint; and please input as needed as pay gift wrapping paper the name for the name case in the case of hope, and there is input column. (we may not meet requirements depending on product including article direct from the field)

About mu star member

  • Mu star member can make the purchase history and gift address book in Web members into even my page so that you can see.
    I would like link work from "link with Web member" of my page menu mu star member.
    ※Web member is my page, and you cannot see the purchase history in mu star members even if we link.

About customer of foreign merchant regular customer card

  • We accept whether acceptance of product (♭ mark) targeted for foreign merchant regular customer special treatment of midsummer gift, the year-end present catalogue has you propose to the foreign merchant person in charge directly by mail, FAX at custody at main shop [the main building] the eighth floor customer salon, the sixth floor of the ichinomiya shop regular customer counter or foreign merchant window.
    Acceptance in online shopping becomes only special treatment of product with mark.

About exchange, return of goods

  • Please inform of exchange by damage, a return of delivery product within seven days after arrival of products.
    In addition, thank you for your understanding as we may will forgive exchange, return of goods in property of products.

About consumption tax

    Publication price is retail price including consumption tax (8%, 10%).

    About processing of less than 1 yen (decimal fraction)

    Publication price including consumption tax displays all by decimal close, but will calculate by decimal fraction cutting off of the outside tax method about amount of money at the time of request as before.
    We would appreciate your understanding.

    [example] In the case of 3,284 yen (body price 3,040 yen)
    By fraction cutting off lower than few marks of consumption tax 243.2 yen, charged amount is 3,283 yen.

About character input in online shopping

  • Some letters may not be recognizable with computer.
    In addition, when there is not letter equivalent (? We display as nado).
    Sorry for your inconvenience, but please edit the destination than gift address book of my page of Meitetsu Department Store Web member on this occasion.
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