Management, security of personal information

Privacy policy of Meitetsu Department Store

Meitetsu Department Store (called us as follows) thinks trust from customer to be first and works on protection of information of customer with extreme caution. Therefore we try for accurate confidential maintenance along the following way of thinking.

  1. The acquisition of personal information
    When we acquire personal information from customer, we identify the use purpose as much as possible.
  2. Protection of personal data
    Manage personal data severely, and we are rational so that loss, destruction, leak do not happen; take safety measures. In addition, safety management of personal data is planned when we entrust with the handling of personal data.
  3. Offer to the outside of personal data
    When we provide with duties trust or business transfer when we get consent of customer, personal data of customer who acquired may not do offer, disclosure to third party except cases necessary to protect serious profit such as human life, property. In addition, we may use meitetsu group-related company (company where we or Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd. finances indirectly directly more than 20%) and personal data jointly in the future. In that case, about the details about the joint use, we disclose beforehand.
  4. Maintenance, improvement
    We observe laws and ordinances about personal information protection and other models and will try to be improved about method to protect personal information continuously.

※"Personal information in this guideline," definition of "personal data" depends on "law about protection of personal information".

About procedures such as the use purpose of personal information and disclosure

  1. About the use purpose of personal information
    Product information, living information reserves sales promotion and order including information for various special treatments, and, in Meitetsu Department Store (called "us" as follows.), sale service processing such as handing over, delivery (delivery), after-sale service uses personal information of customer whom we acquired for offer of personal information for marketing research to be concerned with again future product plan, product development and meitetsu group-related company (company where we or Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd. finances indirectly directly more than 20%) based on privacy policy at sales processing, the repair processing future.
  2. About procedures such as suspension such as disclosure of possession personal data, notice, correction of the use purpose
    When suspension is requested, about our possession personal data about customer, we would appreciate your proposing disclosure, notice, correction of the use purpose by our predetermined document at the following window.
    For more details, please confirm at the following window.
    In addition, about request of disclosure and notice request of the use purpose, please note that you take fee 500 yen (it includes consumption tax) about one request. In addition, in the case of notice by mail, please note that you take the actual expenses (than 600 yen in total) such as the person-limited receipt postage separately.

※"Personal information in the sentence of 1 and 2 mentioned above," significance of "suspension" depends on "law about protection of personal information" "corrections" "possession personal data".

Inquiry window about the handling of personal information

Meitetsu Department Store Main Store customer service
Phone number: 052-585-2880
Time in: From 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

About security

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